Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Last night, I was very blessed to spend the evening with some kids at Child Haven. We played games, had snacks, and tried to get the kids to talk a little. Some of the kids were very welcoming and others had their guards up like you would not believe. You could look into their eyes and see they wanted to be loved on and to have people show they care; but at the same time afraid to let us in. We do not know their stories of why they are there, we do not know the roads they have traveled to get there. But in talking with the few kids I talked to, my heart breaks for them. After we played games, they workers gave us a tour of the facility. The children shared rooms, girls on one side; boys on the other. Looking into the rooms, my heart broke into many pieces. These rooms didn't have personal touches, no stuffed animals or dolls, no curtains, not even a picture on the walls. Yes, these children have a "safe" roof over their heads; but so many things are missing!

When I got home, I went into Laura Rose's room; sat on her bed and cried. I cried because of all we have and yet we still want more! I looked around her room, taking in each inch. Posters on every wall, awards from school, pictures of family, the name plates I made for the girls when they were little, and hundreds of stuffed animals. My mind went back to the rooms at Child Haven and I cried more!
Each night when Laura goes to bed, I give her a hug and kiss; I tell her how much love her. When she was little I would tuck her in....saying...."you're as snug as a bug in a rug" give her a kiss on the forehead...read the blessing of the day....and lights out.

I wonder, did the children I met last night ever have that special moment like Laura & I share? Did someone ever tuck them in, read them a story or blessing of the day?

Dear Heavenly Father
I thank you for all the blessing you've given us. Please work on our hearts not to take those things for granted and to appreciate even the little things. Please send your angels down to the children at Child Haven; let each child feel they are "as snug as a bug in a rug". I pray they come to know you and how much you love them and that you will NEVER leave them.