Saturday, September 27, 2008

Halloween Madness....2008

Halloween is one of our favorite holidays! We love to create our spooky grave yard for all to enjoy! This year our friends Doreen and Chris came to enjoy in the fun. Watch as we transform our normal yard into Halloween Madness!
Who's the witch....Laura or Megan.....only Halloween night will give you that answer!

Laura---don't kiss the skeleton.....ewwww!!!!

The girls and Dan unpacking more decorations!
Dan & Chris putting up the fence....Laura and Megan giving directions!
Is she a black widow???? Watch and see......
Judi, Megan, and Laura spinning the web...

Dan playing with the Bats again

This is Judi's study partner BONES; he was a big help learning bones for school!

Don't say we didn't warn never know what you'll find in our yard!
You might find a creepy spider...
Skeleton skull hanging in a cage
Blood oozing from the eyes of a skull
Skeleton's hanging in cages

Grave yards aren't too scary during the day, but wait until it gets dark out

You'll have to wait until Halloween to see what kinds of witches, ghosts, and zombies take over the grave yard!!!!


Jerry DePoy Jr. said...

We'll walk Mariah down there soon!

Judi said...

you need to bring her down before we're in dress....dont' want to scare her this year!!