Tuesday, April 14, 2009


I love sitting back and remembering all the memories stored in the back of my memory bank. I remember my first string of emails from Dan....

Dan: What's your favorite number?
Judi: Why?
Dan: Enquiring minds want to know.
Judi: Who wants to know?
Dan: Enquiring minds
Judi: UMMM...they're not the Enquire magazine! FINE....24 ( not sure why I said that!)

Next day....
Dan: What's your favorite color?
Judi: Why?
Dan: Enquiring minds want to know.
Judi: Who wants to know?
Dan: Don't worry about it, I'll tell you later!
Judi: Red

Couple days later....I didn't like the couple day wait; I was being reeled in!
Dan: What's your favorite flower?
Judi: Why?
Dan: Just answer.....
Judi: Yellow roses

Next day...no email
Next day...no email....Judi's tapping foot wondering what happened to this little game of cat & mouse!

Friday comes....YOU'VE GOT MAIL!!!
Dan: I'm going to Hooters (nice Dan) tonight with the guys I ski with; call if you want to meet for a drink. I'll be there until 6:00 or so....

Judi: HMMMM....should I call him or not?? Lunch time sitting in my office, I hear footsteps coming down the hallway. In front of those footsteps were the most BEAUTIFUL, long stem yellow roses! I know the glow on my face blinded everyone in the room. If only he knew.....if only he knew he put a little hope in my empty heart at that moment. You see, that Friday was the 1st anniversary of my mom passing away. I left work that day knowing that I had to move forward. SO.....at exactly 5:59 I called Dan's beeper! Yes beeper, back then we didn't have cell phones!

We met for drinks that night and I knew something special happened that day. I miss those early email conversations, the silliness of the game, the newness of the relationship. I still get the beautiful flowers and usually when I need them the most; when I least expect it!

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