Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Rock'n Old School

My Aunt Carol and Uncle Rich sent us money for Christmas. Dan & I decided to buy a gift for the family; we decided on Rock Band & Guitar Hero. Those boxes tormented me all day long....open me....open me....the kids will never know....open me!!!! I sat here...staring at the boxes....I can do it; we'll wait for the kids.
I BROKE.....about 8:30 tonight I told Dan we can open Guitar Hero; the kids will never know. So Dan carefully pulled back the tape on the box and in minutes....WE WERE ROCK'N!!!!

Dan's a hot rocker....love those sunglasses...woohoo!!! Rock me baby!

I have to run; I'm ready to battle with Slash! SHHHH....don't tell the kids we were playing with their toys! I'm sure if everyone was honest, they've played with their kids toys too!
Merry Christmas!!!

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