Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Eve

We spent Christmas Eve with Dan's side of the family. We also invited the Vissers to join us, as they could not make the trip to Ludington due to the weather. Michael & Caley came for dinner; it was nice that they came. Dan's dad had never met her; it meant the world to him. We did not get the younger kids until later in the evening. Dan had to work, so the kids did not come over until later. The kids were sure surprised to see a couple presents under the tree; as we told them it wouldn't happen this year! The excitement in their eyes was probably more than if we bought them 100 gifts like normal!

Do we really have to sit here and wait....take the picture already!

Come on.....what ya waiting for!!!
YEAHHHHHH......we got Rockband! Megan's excited anyways! You'll have to stay tuned for pictures of them rocking out. We didn't have much time to play!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Rock'n Old School

My Aunt Carol and Uncle Rich sent us money for Christmas. Dan & I decided to buy a gift for the family; we decided on Rock Band & Guitar Hero. Those boxes tormented me all day me....the kids will never me!!!! I sat here...staring at the boxes....I can do it; we'll wait for the kids.
I BROKE.....about 8:30 tonight I told Dan we can open Guitar Hero; the kids will never know. So Dan carefully pulled back the tape on the box and in minutes....WE WERE ROCK'N!!!!

Dan's a hot those sunglasses...woohoo!!! Rock me baby!

I have to run; I'm ready to battle with Slash! SHHHH....don't tell the kids we were playing with their toys! I'm sure if everyone was honest, they've played with their kids toys too!
Merry Christmas!!!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

What goes crash in the middle of the night????

In the Hartung house.....our Christmas tree goes crash in the middle of the night! At 5:00 a.m., Dan & I woke to a CRASH! We went into the living room to find our little tree laying on the floor. Ornaments and tinsel scattered from one end of the room to another. One of my favorite ornaments was destroyed into a hundred pieces. We hadn't planned on putting up a tree, but at the last minute yesterday; I brought up this tiny little tree. I figured it might help get us in the holiday mood! It did....until 5:00 a.m. At first we thought Molly was the culprit; she loves candy canes! But she was laying on her pillow in the entrance way. Lexie was snoozing on the couch, she didn't budge. Finally from behind the chair, appeared Gracie the wonder cat. She had tinsel on her back, around her legs, and hanging out of her mouth! BAD KITTIE!!!!

We tried to put things back in order, but it just doesn't look the same. And I have no intention of taking it apart and starting over. So this year, we'll have a Charlie Brown Christmas tree.


What better way to spend a snowy Sunday morning than decorating cookies with friends! Doreen and Chris trucked through the snow-storm to spend the day with us making cookies. And BOY did we make cookies!!! LOTS & LOTS & LOTS of cookies! We started out by Doreen and I rolling and cutting out the cookies; but that wasn't much fun for the kids!
Doreen being domestic; sure glad we have a picture of this one! Those cookies are not from Plumbs!!!!

Dan thinks he's a pro cookie maker; he does ok!

I have no idea what Chris is thinking; but he looks like the cat that ate the canary!

Chris, Megan, and Doreen

Boobug and Dan; she's a daddy's girl!

The kids have taken over; get ready for a huge mess!

Laura, Doreen, and Megan

Chemistry 101; how to mix the proper colors!

Andrew and should see those cookies! OMG

There's more flour on Andrew and Chris, than in the cookies. Even Molly helped out; or the kids made her help. I'm not sure what happened here!

I think they had more fun playing with the cookie dough!

Artists at work....I sure hope this is not their goal in life. None of our kids could be decorators; that's for sure!

How many more cookies do we have.....

Drum roll please........the finished products!

I think this was an elephant; Laura's favorite animal!

Andrew made this cookie special for Dan; it doesn't have very much frosting! Andrew didn't want Dan to have a diabetic reaction. Little does Andrew know, while making and eating cookies; Dan's sugar went up to 408. Bad Dan....very bad; normal sugar is 70-120.

This is my special cookie from Andrew, he made me a name bell! AWWWW

We had a great time making cookies, we always have so much fun with the Vissers! Weekends wouldn't be the same without them!

Friday, December 19, 2008


This year, I've been in a complete funk concerning Christmas. We haven't decorated the outside of the house, we haven't put up our Christmas tree. All I keep thinking about it is....we're not going to have a Christmas this year. You see...this year there will be no presents under our tree. Dan works in the automotive field; his company laid off 400 workers during the past two weeks. Money is very tight and we have to prepare for the worst! So we're not having Christmas this year.

How stupid does the above paragraph sound...VERY! You see, I fell into the typical commercial Christmas funk. I forgot what Christmas was really's not about presents, decorations, or even a tree.

Christmas is really about the birth of our Savior Jesus Christ. We couldn't ask for a better gift than what was given to us before we were born. Now some of the things I'm thankful for this Christmas are my gifts this year...
  1. The birth of our Savior Jesus Christ
  2. My wonderful husband and kids
  3. The fact Dan is still working during these rough times; when so many from his job were let go and he was spared!
  4. I passed my iodine sensitivity test, so I can be placed anywhere in nursing!
  5. Wonderful friends...Doreen, Chris, and Adam
  6. We have a house to live in, lights, heat, and food to fill our tummies.
  7. We have warm clothes....good thing as I keep the heat on 65 most of the time!
  8. I have my Rotties....Lexie and Molly to snuggle with to keep warm; Gracie too!
  9. A grumpy dad & Marcia; Dan's dad & Penny
So even though we won't have presents to open Christmas morning; we have many gifts to be thankful for this year! Hopefully the kids will feel the same!