Monday, March 9, 2009

Father/Daughter Dance

This past month, Dan & Megan went to the father/daughter dance at school. I think I get more excited than they do, because I can finally dress Megan like a little girl. Normally I get to take Megan out shopping for a frilly dress, shoes, purse...the works! This year, they decided to do a "theme" dance. This year's dance was a western theme.
  • No frilly dress; it was replaced with blue jeans & flannel shirt
  • No patent leather shoes with lacy socks; cowboy boots and spurs took over
  • No up-do with spiral curls and glitter; it was replaced with a cowgirl hat (side note, I still curled her hair and put glitter on the ends!)
Dan & Megan father/daughter dance
Daddy's little girl growing up tooo quick!!!
Real Cowboys drive BIG trucks!!!

Megan all smiles for the camera!

Cowgirl up!!!!

The three amigos!!!

Dan and Megan both had a great time at the dance. Megan is in 5th grade this year, so this is the last father/daughter dance for school. It's that transition time from daddy's little girl, young lady. It seems like only yesterday, she was still in pull-ups! I wonder....will the next time Dan dances with his little girl....will it be at her wedding? HMMMM....only time will tell!

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