Sunday, October 19, 2008


Have you ever watched the movie Romy & Michele?? It's one of my favorite sappy chick flick type movies! It's about 2 girls that are best friend throughout high school and remained best friends into adult life. They had a big class reunion coming up and were scared to death to go; they didn't feel they had accomplished anything in their lives.

Last night was my 25th class reunion, like Romy and Michele; I had the great pleasure of going with my BFF! My BFF is Kim Kuck-Jones, we've been the bestest of friends since 10th grade. Although there's times we don't speak or keep in touch for a while; we both know we're just a phone call away if needed! Kim and I were alot like Romy and Michele, only I could care less if I was one of the "popular" girls; I was more like Cindy Lauper....I just wanted to have fun! If there was a party, I was at it! Kim on the other hand, wanted so badly to be one of the "in-crowd". So last night we got all dressed up and went to the big reunion, not really sure what it would be like; but we knew as long as we were there would be ok! Not only did we go together, but we had the best looking husbands in the joint! WOOOHOOO....our men were hot!!!

Dan, Judi, Kim, Tim....the litle guy on the bottom of the screen is Kim & Tim's grandson!

Well after 25 years, you would think that things would be a little bit different; but it was sooo much like high-school it was scary. The only difference was people were 25 years older in chronological age, but mentally some stuck back in 1983! I am very glad that we went, I got to see some friends from the past; Doug, Karen, Barb, Lucy and a few more. But best of all, I got to spend time with my BFF....Kim!

Maybe more of our "in-crowd" will show up at the next reunion! Most of the people we hung out with in school were MIA from this reunion!

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