Sunday, October 12, 2008


We had an amazing Sunday afternoon. We spent the day at Grandpa & Grandma Witzke's house. They live out in the woods and there's a great trail for the girls to ride on. The weather was great and the girls were ready to ride! I've come to terms along time ago, that I would not have "girly" girls. The days of frilly dresses are long gone and it's been replaced with helmets, driving gloves, and goggles.
Laura would ride all day long if you'd let her!

Megan has turned into a speed demon; she loves to go fast!
Laura cruising down the trails!

Megan....heading for Dan!

Both girls had a great day and no one was hurt; so that's a major blessing! Well except for the blisters on their thumbs from riding too long!

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~Kristie~ said...

Looks like fun!!
It was a great weekend for it!!