Saturday, October 25, 2008


Today we set out on an adventure looking for the perfect pumpkin! We started out to a new farm that we've never visited; only to find they decided not to open today. Being in an adventurous mood, we headed to the next pumpkin patch. We took the back roads taking us through some little towns that if you blinked; you missed the town. The girls road with Doreen, I'm sure they were asking every couple minutes...."how much longer? are we almost there?" We got to Lewis farms and went on the tractor ride and corn maze; but really didn't like the pumpkins!

The Hartungbunch...Dan, Judi, Laura, & Megan

The Visser's...Chris and Doreen

After spending about a hour at the Lewis farm, we headed back out on our quest for the ultimate pumpkin. Next stop, Heritage Farms Market. WOOHOO.....we found the mother-load of pumpkins! Each of us found what we felt was the best of the best....the Great Pumpkin! Check out the fun...
Laura, Megan, and Chris cleaning the outside of their pumpkins

Grumpy Dan helping Laura

Megan and Laura up to their elbows in pumpkin guts....Doreen helping!

Daniel Glenn....don't you dare!
It was sooo quiet, everyone was too busy to talk.

Busy marking our pumpkins...

Our pumpkins turned out awesome, but it was too windy to keep the candles burning! Hopefully we can get a couple pictures tomorrow night. If not, it will have to wait until Halloween night! We are very lucky to have awesome friends to share our adventures with; we couldn't ask for better friends. Better yet, we couldn't ask for a better extended family!

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