Friday, October 31, 2008


Halloween is one of our favorite holidays. We have so much fun dressing up and passing out candy to all the ghosts, goblins, princess's, and super heroes. Tonight we had about 200 kids show up dressed to impress. We had some kids afraid to even walk up our sidewalk. I can't imagine why anyone would be afraid of us. We're just ordinary people have a great time. Check it out for yourself....

Judi putting make-up on Laura Laura's a work in progress
Laura sitting in front of fan, to help makeup dry!

Awww...isn't she just beautiful!!!
Can you guess who's under the mask....I'll give you one hint....Daniel Glenn
Judi playing with her long, silky hair.....I wish!
How pretty is this....

Laura, Dan, & Judi.....we're not the Adams family....we're just the Hartung Bunch
Chris dressed to kill, look at the blood on that knife. Doreen was dressed as a diva witch! We had sooo much fun! I'd have to say, we have one of the spookiest yards in the neighborhood. We had strobe lights flashing, fog billowing from the bushes, torches lit along the sidewalk, not to mention all the candles and pumpkins lining the bricks! Here's our pumpkin creations!
Laura's head-less horseman pumpkin....too cool!

Megan made a black widow spider

Chris's pumpkin said trick or treat, but I think the ants too over!

Dan's evil pumpkin.....

Judi's skull pumpkin

Doreen's pumpkin is named Mr. Egg-head!

What would the end of the witching season be, without a new addition to our holiday fun! We have to welcome our latest find Zelda.....

Zelda had the type of eyes that will follow you when you walk past her. We put a black witches kettle with dry ice, as you can see....gas is escaping! Way cool!!!!
I guess I'll have to hang my broom up until next witching season!

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