Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Today is the final straw, I have to say something. I don't know about anyone else, but I have a couple HUGE pet peeves and I need to let it out!!!!

#1. Is there a reason if you tinkle on the toilet seat you can't wipe it off???? I have a huge phobia of public bathrooms and refuse to sit on the seat. BUT if I tinkle on the seat, I sure don't leave it for the next person. I know..I know this is kinda petty; but come on already!

#2. Seeing as I'm talking about bathrooms, lets stay there! Is there a reason people do not know how to put a new roll of toilet paper on the holder? There's nothing worse than going to the bathroom in the middle of the night and then realizing there's no TP. Drip drying does NOT work well for girls & waddling to the hallway closet with your panties around your ankle at 3:00 am isn't an easy task!

#3. Toothpaste....OH MY GOODNESS!!! Why do people feel the need to squeeze the tube in the middle? My daughter Laura is the worst culprit for squeezing in the middle. I think sometimes she does it just to see if she can get under my skin. It works....every time!

#4. Driving in the passing lane. MOVE IT OR LOSE IT! Why is it I always end up behind some old lady or gentlemen going 45 in the passing lane? Patience is not one of my better virtues; but I've really been tested this week!

WHEW....I sure do feel better now! I have more, but I'll save those for another day when I need to let off some steam! Now I'm off to the land of homework!

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